Medical Tourism

India has emerged as one of the most sought after destination for medical tourists across the globe owing to its high value proposition in terms of quality healthcare, pool of specialists and availability of alternate treatment options such as ayurveda and yoga.

While it was only the neighboring countries from where the flow of medical tourists started, and the reason was lack of specialized healthcare facilities, later, NRIs from US, UK, and other developed nations, were making a beeline to corporate hospitals in India for treatment. The reason was simple – extremely low cost of healthcare services compared to that in their countries of residence. Over the years, high confidence levels in the quality and efficacy of healthcare services in India has been instrumental in boosting the number of international patients coming to the country. From a pricing point of view, major medical procedures in India are way below than that in not only the US and Britain, but also 40-70% cheaper than that compared to its the nearest competitor – Thailand.

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